Taking orders, running your inventory, planning production, shipping your goods, keeping accurate reports and even running your accounting management, all while continuously supervising and leading your staff towards your business goals…

Running a nursery business is no walk on the beach, any farmer can tell you that. The complex nature of this industry requires you to have a deep and wide understanding of not only how to grow your choice of plants, maintain their condition and keep them healthy and beautiful, but also a deep and wide understanding of how to manage your unique business and staff in the most productive way possible, to maintain a certain level of revenues, minimize your costs, keep your staff professionally trained, educated and efficient..

Years ago, I worked as an accounting manager for a nursery based in Florida. In doing so, I was exposed to all aspects and departments of the business, which helped me identify and isolate all the errors, mistakes and other management & staff errors, challenges and problems they dealt with, on a daily basis.

My “uh-huh!” moment was when I realized that the nursery & farm industry was craving a real solution that just wasn’t there. That is when the idea Winplant was born. Created out of the immediate need to provide the nursery with a complete set of solutions and specifically nursery-dedicated tools, to solve all the different challenges and problems they encountered in the different departments of the business. Challenges and problems that effected each department separately and created related issues in others.

Managing your nursery/farm with different software for each of your departments is a good solution, but it’s not the best. There are a lot of software out there that can do many things for your business, but not EVERYTHING. Certainly not everything that you specifically need. The real problem begins with the clear fact that no nursery is like any other. They are all different, grow and sell different items, have their own unique workflow and methods and need specific solutions to their specific problems and needs.

Over the course of 35 years working with different kinds, types and sizes of nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses and other horticulture and agriculture businesses, Winplant has become much more than just a nursery management software and evolved to a complete ecosystem of solutions, dedicated to provide you with exactly and only the tools you need for your business and staff management. A simple yet crucial identification process allows us to analyze your business structure, study your workflow and eventually provide you with a complete set of digital, automated and intelligent solutions that creates an ecosystem effect for your entire nursery management system.

Winplant works as a protective and guiding system within your already-existing organic system. It instructs, educates and leads your staff every step of the way, in every department, so work is always being done according to (and never outside of) the applied set of rules and workflow system, based on your nursery management methods and needs.

When you buy general software for your nursery, you are more likely to spend much more than you actually need. In return, you get a software that gives you a portion of the solutions needed for your operation which results in a constant searching for more solutions for other portions of the issues you deal with, additional general software, more budget wasted on non-dedicated partial-solutions to your business. Like patches on an old blanket.

Winplant is the ultimate solution for you. It has all the puzzle pieces you’re missing to get a perfect picture of your nursery. It not only works for you, it works WITH you, it helps training your staff and keeps your entire operation under one protective shield that communicates and connects all your business departments to one single point of control – you.

Stop paying for software that give you only half of the solutions you need. Invest your money on a single, affordable, multi-tasking, intelligent and automated solution that is specifically designed to help you control, manage and lead your business and staff to your next goals! Using Winplant is ultimately investing back into your own company, as our unique system allows you to customize your solutions to your own needs.

If you are interested in more information, let’s talk now and I’ll show you ways to control your business that you’ve never even thought were possible.