Workflow: From Pulling to Delivery

What is workflow and why does it mean so much to your business? Dive in to the inner recesses of why you do things and whether there might be another way to deliver what you need – and solve other business issues along the way.

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What are you afraid of?

Change can be scary, we get it. But are you allowing your fear of change get in the way of transforming your business? Start tackling your demons and reap the rewards that are waiting for you.

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2019, The Year of Growth.

    The year is over. It's gone. It went by really (really) quickly! With the new year on the run, we are moving forward in our steps towards our ultimate vision: To create the most complete and reliable nursery management software. The road ahead is long, and yet -...

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Inventory humor – Inventory on a spreadsheet

A few years ago, the team set out to make a humorous parody of the pain involved in keeping your inventory and availability on a spreadsheet. We looked at the finished product again recently - it's still funny! It is also still relevant. So here's a blast from the...

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The Pull List – Our Newest Mobile App

Some nurseries allow their crews to decide where to pull product from. Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone and give your crew the data they need, while completing the office work necessary to keep the inventory accurate.

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